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Server Farm (Sever for Computational Center)

Server Farm (Center for Computational Center) We are maintaining a collection of computer servers to supply computing needs far beyond of one computing machine for computational science in a server farm. In our server farm, several cluster computers are installed on the common infra- structure which includes a unified power supply, cooling system, and inter-communication by network switches of high bandwidth. Research groups can access their cluster computers in remote position, so they can submit and monitor their simulation jobs in local computers. By centralizing several cluster computers in one infrastructure, we increased the power of multiple servers and reduced the total cost of server management and ownership. Our computing facilities are utilized in researches as electronic structure calculation, all-atom molecular dynamics, and social simulation. •Abinit Hybrid Cluster (Dr. Lee Kyu Hwan) •10G Myrinet MPI Network 1.067 Tflops/s(Linpack) •Parallel Computing Network GPU : 6 GPU boards within Server Double Precision Floating Point : 515 Gflops/s * 6 GPUs = 3.0 Tflops/s (Max.) Single Precision Floating Point : 1.03 Tflops/s * 6 cores = 6.18 Tflops/s (Max.)

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