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Sang Bae Lee

Nanophotonics Research Center
Principal Research Scientist

Sang Bae Lee received the Ph.D. degree in Physics, from Sogang University 1993. He was a principal researcher on 1999 and was tenure on 2007. He received award of Ordine Della Stella Della Solodarieta’ Italiana on 2009 and a decoration of science & technology from Korea government on 2011. He was a vice president from 2010 to 2011 and is an auditor of Optical Soceity of Korea. Dr. LEE was head of Photonics Research Center and is director of Optical Fiber National Research Laboratory from 1999 to 2004. His main research interest is in the area of fiber optics. His research themes are: development of special optical fiber and fiber grating devices; fiber grating sensor system for health monitoring of civil structure; grating filters, multiplexer, and demultiplexer for optical communication application; He is currently carrying out several projects, including the development of special fibers for high power fiber lasers, photonic crystal fibers and Mid-IR technology.

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