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Welcome to MLSRD in KIST!

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 13:59 -- jh

The Division was established with a purpose of creating a new field of research using convergent technologies in order to meet the chaleenges of the nation and future society. The Division also puts great efforts to bild a platforms for large0scale interdisciplinary researches.

The Materials and Life Science Research Division was established to merge nano-technology(NT), bio-technology(BT), and informational technology(BT) through multidisciplinary research as well as build platforms for research that combines various conventional technologies, in hopes of these leading to the development of advanced and core technologies. The NT-based Spin Device Research Center, Nanometerials Research Center, Nanophotonics Research Center, Interface Engineering Research Center, High-temperature Energy Materials Research Center, Computational Science Research Center, and BT-based Biomolecular Funtions Research Center constitute the Division. The Division will strive to play the role of a concentric body for fusion research in order to strengthen national competitiveness as well as becoming the world's leading research organization in fusion research.

IMCM is composed of three research centers


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