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번호 논문제목 저자 게재년월 게재지 초록
3028 Non-enzymatic Amperometric Detection of Phenol and Catechol using Nanoporous Gold Bui Thi Phuonh Quynh,변지영,김상훈, 2015.12 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 221, (191~200) 초록
3027 Sulfur doped graphene/polystyrene nanocomposites for electromagnetic interference shielding 샤자드 파이잘,Seunggun Yu,Pradip Kumar,Jang-Woo Lee,Yoon-Hyun Kim,홍순만,구종민, 2015.12 Composite structures 133, (1267~1275) 초록
3026 A microreactor with metallic catalyst support for hydrogen production by partial oxidation of dimethyl ether 김도형,김상훈,변지영, 2015.11 Chemical engineering journal 280, (468~474) 초록
3025 Design and processing parameters of La2NiO4þd-based cathode for anode-supported planar solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) 정창우,이종흔,박만수,홍종섭,김형철,손지원,이종호,김병국,윤경중, 2015.11 Journal of power sources 297, (370~378) 초록
3024 Synthesis of Quinolinylaminopyrimidines and Quinazolinylmethylaminopyrimidines with Antiproliferative Activity against Melanoma Cell Line 이준아,노은주,오창현,이소하,심태보,김종승,유경호, 2015.11 Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry 30, 4, (607~614) 초록
3023 CCP 아미노산 서열 변경을 통한 관절염 진단 마커의 특이도 향상 박민,변재철,하피자 아커,누엔 탄 빈,강민정, 2015.11 Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 115, (107~113) 초록
3022 Graphene oxide hole injection layer for high-efficiency polymer light-emitting diodes by using electrophoretic deposition and electrical reduction 김정윤,S. Ganorka,김영환,김성일, 2015.11 Carbon 94, (633~640) 초록
3021 Tailoring interlayer structure of molecular layer-by-layer assembled polyamide membranes for high separation performance 구정은,이종석,박상희,김일태,Edwin P. Chan,권영남,이정현, 2015.11 Applied surface science 356, (659~667) 초록
3020 Up-conversion routines of Er3+?Yb3+ doped Y6O5F8 and YOF phosphors 박상문,양원석,박주영,노민희,최설기,박다혜,장호성,조소혜, 2015.11 Materials research bulletin 71, (25~29) 초록
3019 Large-area reduced graphene oxide with excellent thermal conductivity and EMI shielding effectiveness Pradip Kumar,샤자드 파이잘,Seunggun Yu,홍순만,Yoon-Hyun Kim,구종민, 2015.11 Carbon 94, (494~500) 초록
3018 Photostability enhancement of InP/ZnS quantum dots enabled by In2O3 overcoating 조정호,김종훈,이선형,장호성,장동선,이주철,박고운,최윤영,하충훈,양희선, 2015.10 Journal of alloys and compounds 647, (6~13) 초록
3017 Characteristics of oxide scale formed on Cu-bearing austeniticstainless steel during early stages of high temperature oxidation Srinivasan Swaminathan,Nanda Gopala Krishna,김동익, 2015.10 Applied surface science 353, (29~39) 초록
3016 Probing molecular dynamics of metal borohydrides on the surface of mesoporous scaffolds by multinuclear high resolution solid state NMR Son-Jong Hwang,Hyun-Sook Lee,Magnus To,이영수,조영환,Hyungkeun Choi,Chul Kim, 2015.10 Journal of alloys and compounds 645, (S316~S319) 초록
3015 The role of hydrogen in hardening/softening steel: Influence of the charging process 조아개,석무영,최인철,이윤희,박성준,U Ramamurty,서진유,장재일, 2015.10 Scripta materialia 107, (46~49) 초록
3014 XANES and DRIFTS study of sulfated Sb/V/Ce/TiO2 catalysts for NH3-SCR Pullur Anil Kumar,정영은,Sanjeev Gautam,하헌필,이경주,채근화, 2015.09 Chemical engineering journal 275, (142~151) 초록
3013 Hardening of Bi?Te based alloys by dispersing B4C nanoparticles 정성진 ,박선영,김병규,권범진,김성근,박형호,김동익,김주영,현도빈,김진상,백승협, 2015.09 Acta materialia 97, (68~74) 초록
3012 A small-molecule probe for selective profiling and imaging of monoamine oxidase B activities in models of parkinson's disease Li lin,Zhang Cheng-Wu,Ge Jingyan,Qian Linghui,Chai Bing-Han,Zhu Qing,이준석,Lim Kah-Leong,Yao, Shao Q., 2015.09 Angewandte Chemie international edition 54, 37, (10821~10825) 초록
3011 파릴렌 매트릭스 칩을 사용한 초고감도 박테리아 항생제 감응성 평가법 박종민,김조일,송현우,노주윤,강민정,변재철, 2015.09 Biosensors and bioelectronics 71, (306~312) 초록
3010 Rational molecular design of PEOlated ladder-structured polysilsesquioxane membranes for high performance CO2 removal 박성환,알버트 이성수,도유성,황승상,이영무,이정현,이종석, 2015.09 Chemical communications 51) 초록
3009 Fabrication of high quality graphene nanosheets via a spontaneous electrochemical reaction process 이장우,김민호,나원준,홍순만,구종민, 2015.09 Carbon 91, (527~534) 초록
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